Rather than wade through the endless number of freelance job postings, wouldn't it be better if you could just be notified when certain jobs pop up?

Now there's a telegram bot where you can subscribe to job streams by entering the search terms you're interested in. In order to use it, all you'll need is the telegram app(available on both Android and iOS)

Here's how it works. First you go to @UpStatsBot on telegram ( this link will take you straight to the Telegram bot ). You'll get a welcome screen with some information about the bot, and a big START button at the bottom of the page. Press the button, and you can start talking to the bot.

Then let's say you're interested in jobs with android and java. You first search for jobs with java and android by using js android,java and you'll receive your initial results. Optionally you can list your searches again with L, you'll see that there's one search you've made that's currently paused(meaning it's not yet streaming).

That new search has index 1. So you type A 1 and that activates the stream of jobs matching the terms android and java. This means whenever new jobs matching those terms show up, you'll get a Telegram notification about them.

If you feel like you're getting too many updates for that job stream, or you've found what you're looking for, you can easily pause the stream.

Stay tuned for more updates on UpStats and UpStatsBot on twitter or by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Many thanks to Roddy Gibbs (whom I met on redditentrepreneurs slack #feedback channel) for accepting to help me with proofreading this blogpost.