At the time of writing this, I feel like there's no tool/free service focused on analytics for the job market. As a software engineer (with a rising interest in data science) I'd like a more detailed view of the job market. Even if such tools are already present , I'd still like to tinker with the data and learn some things on my own.

Throughout the rest of this blog post, I'll blabber a bit about job markets, what sort of problems exist and what the goal of UpStats is.

Freelance job markets 1 , 2 are websites that match buyers to sellers. One of those websites is UpWork (it's one of the largest of its type, with other contenders being and a few others).

The entities present on a freelance job market are clients, projects and freelancers.

Usually clients < projects < freelancers meaning there are more projects than clients and there are many more freelancers than there are projects. This means freelancers compete in:

  • price
  • delivery time
  • skillset
  • the time passed between the posting of the job ad and their bid
  • their previous work history

The whole landscape of freelancing (and IT in general) is constantly changing (many frameworks , libraries , languages enter the scene each month, many of them fade away) at a rhythm that is hard to follow.

Here are some hot technologies at the time of writing this:

The Front-End development area is notorious for the many new technologies that pop up month over month, but other areas are not immune to this fast-paced change. Developers often find they need to adapt and learn new technologies not just for new jobs, but also in the middle of ongoing work. Some level of anticipation would be nice in order to stay up-to-date.

Other examples of changes that have influenced the skill demand include mobile traffic overtaking desktop traffic ( a lot of mobile-related technologies are now in high demand ) , or the many reports 3 , 4 , 5 about Perl 's downfall.

For freelancers, sometimes the question isn't what new hot tech should I learn? , sometimes the question is which skills are in high demand on the market? and a connected question is what is the payoff for these skills?

For clients sometimes the question is what technologies do people use to write this type of software? or what should the best candidate know in order to be a good fit for this job?.

Some clients want some types of web applications built ( e-commerce websites, crawlers/scrapers, mobile apps, setting up / troubleshooting wordpress blogs ) but are unsure what the best technologies to use are as they keep changing a lot. Once they make a decision on what to use, they need to find the right freelancer and work together on their product.

UpStats is a free service that provides the following:

  • detailed stats on the evolution of skill demand on the freelance job market
  • different ways of finding freelancers
  • different ways of finding jobs
  • identification of niches
  • which technologies are used and for what